Love, Mom

Love, Mom

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May 8 is 2022’s one day offering to show Mom just how special she is. Our Mother’s Day Candles are carefully curated fragrances and vessels that would be the perfect gift to show the special Mom in your life just how much she means to you.
Show her how she’s she’s the family’s sweet spot with an island-centered fragrance or give her a relaxing mini holiday with the island fragrance of sandy beaches and sun. What about a fragrance with a hint of nostalgia? How about fragrant notes from a fresh floral bouquet?

Select one of our 8 new fragrances and give her a gift that will provide a relaxing ambiance in her favorite room. Mom in her superwoman cape has made every moment in your life special. Allow us to help you show your appreciation as you make this one day even more wonderful for her.

Fragrance Notes

Bougie Boss Lady: Avocado, Ginger Sage Leaf

Amor Mio: Ocean Mist, Beach Rose, & Driftwood

Beloved: Pink Coconut, Hibiscus, & Cedarwood

Pearls & Lace: Vanilla & Cedar Musk

My Favorite Girl: Freesia, Cedarwood, & Honeysuckle

Bad Mamma Jamma: Black Currant & Jasmine

Dear Mama: White Florals, Burgundy Wine, & Applewood Musk 

Mommy Dearest: Mandarin, Peonies, & Sandalwood