About Us

Meet Cheryl and Breana.  As this mother-daughter duo worked together to furnish and decorate Breana's new home we searched hopelessly for scents that spoke to us, lasted, and made a statement. Fragrances that not only smelled amazing, but also healthy and safe is what we desired.  Our search proved to be in vain.  Therefore, out of mounting frustration and an eagerness to find scents that defined their living spaces, and could be used without harming her son’s health like most store bought candles, CIVINTE was born.  Our oddly similar, yet exotically different preferences make for some luxuriously crafted fragrant blends.  From our opulent candles to our room & linen mists, we're sure that our healthy home fragrances will help you on your path to redefining home fragrances in all of your living quarters.