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Damson? Elba? Both? We’re not sure how, but the UK definitely produced 2 fine specimens with this name. We know how handsome they are, but we’re not quite sure of how either of them smell. We imagine a subtle sexiness is exuded. So this fragrance is our take on the exhilarating scent that these delectable men MUST exude. 

Fragrance Notes

Top: Lemon, Zest, Green Leaves, Lavender
Middle: Fir Needle Resin, Fresh Balsam, White Patchouli, Labdanum
Base: Cedar Wood, Cashmere Musk, Vetiver, Amber

Blended into the creamy coconut apricot wax and hand poured into an elegant 9 oz. stone grey re-purposeable vessel, you definitely do not want to miss this one.